A Simple Guide to Building Granite Showers

Granite showers are among the most elegant and durable; the bathroom is a perfect place to use granite tiles because of the wear and tear that occurs in this room. Granite will not only make your shower resist wear but it will help your bathroom to look more appealing and stunning. The look of granite projects luxury and class and thus can improve the resale value of your home. Granite tiles can be very expensive; so you should consider whether the use of it is right for your home. Here are some other reasons why many people use granites:

The Benefits of Granite

Though it looks luxurious and expensive, granite is cost effective. It gives high value for money because it is very durable; it looks great for a long period of time. This beauty can last several decades.

Granite tiles are not prone to damage and scratches because granite is tough. When it comes to hardness, it is next to diamond. Granite on your shower walls, will not be impacted by general shower activities; including cleaning.

Unlike slate tiles which are water permeable, granite tiles do not absorb water easily. With that, you no longer have to apply sealants because it is no longer necessary.

When building your granite showers, there are some things you have to consider and you really have to keep in mind. Below is a simple guide in building granite showers.

Prepare all the materials

Before you work, it is always good to check all your materials so all you to focus on will be the process of building your granite shower. Screws, latex, trowel, grout, tiles, tile spacers, grout sealer, paddle, hammer, tucker or stapler, tape and knife are just some of the materials you have to prepare. Most of all make sure to purchase quality granite tiles so you will have a more durable shower. If you have these materials prepared, you definitely not need to think of anything else when you start building the shower.

Take measurements

Have exact measures of the area where you will have your granites. Allow about 5 to 10 percent adjustments because you might need some extra. Before you start building, make sure the surfaces are even. Bumps and uneven surfaces should be checked for you to put your granites perfectly in place. The place should also be free from dirt and debris.

Install the granite tiles in place carefully and orderly

Start by rows and make sure that they are evenly flattened on the wall. Use tile spacers to make sure that the tiles are evenly arranged. The spaces between them should be filled up with sealant, cement or appropriate tile grout. Remove the excess from the corners on in between the tiles. Clean the whole area so no debris or dirt will stick on your tiles.

Once all the tiles are put in place, let the tiles dry up very well. After approximately 72 hours, you can now enjoy a shower in your newly built granite shower room.