A Well Lit Path to Solar Outdoor Lighting A Well Lit Path to Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar outdoor lighting is a remarkably low-maintenance type of lighting. A solar panel is built in near the light and charges a small battery. The solar panel needs only a few hours of sunlight during the day to provide several hours of nighttime light.

At nighttime, when the sun is down, the battery provides energy to the light. During the day, light-sensitive sensors turn the light off and the battery is recharged. Because these lights usually only need a small amount of electricity to operate, the solar panel can be small and inconspicuous.

Light is usually provided by light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs) instead of traditional incandesent light bulbs. LEDs or CFLs will provide hundreds of thousands of hours of lighting before they need replaced. The battery may need to be replaced every two to five years. The low cost and high efficiency of solar outdoor lighting makes it an ideal choice for numerous applications.

Yard lights

Solar oudoor lighting is becoming a popular way to illuminate private driveways, walkways and gardens. Solar yard lights are an affordable and easy way to light paths and gardens. Most solar yard lights are mounted on a stake that only needs to be driven into the ground. Within a day, the solar outdoor lights will begin to illuminate your yard.

Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas Lights provide multiple benefits, including eliminating wires and power cords that may pose a fire risk, as well as inflated electric bills. A small solar panel, included with each string of lights, needs only about three hours of sunlight each day to provide energy to the lights well into the night.

Artistic Installations

Solar outdoor lights are commonly used to illuminate outdoor artistic installations. Solar powered flood lamps adorn many outdoor sculptures and provide light throughout the dark hours of the night. Some artists use solar outdoor lights as not only an adornment but as the actual installation, creating sculptures out of numerous solar powered light bulbs.

Eternal Lights

Eternal lights are an elegant way to pay tribute to our deceased loved ones. At cemeteries around the country, solar-powered eternal lights are placed on or near headstones as a trouble-free form of remembrance.

Flag Pole Lights

The United States Flag Code states that the flag of the United States may only be shown at night if it is properly illuminated. Several types of flood lamps, specifically designed for this purpose, operate on solar power.

Alternate uses

Solar outdoor lighting is already commonly used in many public projects. The cost-efficiency and low maintenance of solar outdoor lighting makes it an ideal choice for street lights, used in most major cities throughout the United States, as well as similar security lights used to illuminate parking lots. Many traffic lights have been converted to operate on solar energy, as well as warning lights that illuminate speed limit signs or construction zones. In addition, many private homes operate motion-activated and solar-powered security lights.

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