About Cavity Wall Insulation About Cavity Wall Insulation

What You'll Need
Drill Blown Insulation Material
Utility knife
Caulking gun

Cavity wall insulation is needed in homes that have a two-layered external structure that creates a small gap or a cavity-like space between the interior of the walls. This is why such walls are also called cavity walls. Cavity wall insulation is the process of filling-up these walls with materials that help to increase their ability to resist the loss of energy by restricting the loss of heat or coolness.

Insulation installation is usually not needed among homes that have been recently built, as they tend to avoid the two-wall structural configuration.

In homes that require insulation, holes are drilled to access the wall cavities and the insulation material is blown inside them. The holes are covered with plugs that are painted to match the décor of the house. 

Safety Tips for Cavity Wall Insulation Installation

Cavity wall insulation can present some typical problems that can be avoided by following these basic tips.

  • If the wall has wiring within it, close the circuits before starting the insulation.
  • Plumbing installations could be present within the walls. Ensure that you don’t harm them when drilling holes.
  • Expandable foam can choke the nearby wiring and break electrical circuits. Don’t use it in walls that have a high density of internal wiring.
  • Don’t use too much caulk for securing the insulation panel as it could disturb the smooth surface of the walls by causing internal swelling.

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