About Closet Doorknobs

Closet door knobs are an indispensable feature of closets though they are often used to make the closet space more visually appealing. They are usually seen in the form of a rounded handle-like structure that makes it easier to open and close the closet. Door knobs are actually an improvement over conventional closet handles that are very utilitarian in their presentation. In this regard, closet door knobs have exceeded this fundamental definition of handles as they come in a much larger range of styles.

Closet door knobs are essentially of two types. The first variety has a simple locking mechanism that needs a key to unlock the knob from the inside or the outside. The second and equally popular variety is the one that does not feature any locking configuration, these door knobs can be freely opened with a slight pull.

Many times door knobs are installed in the closet for mere aesthetic purpose, they are not used for any practical purpose but are used as accessories to augment the style of the closet space or to balance any exaggerated styling element that has been used when designing the closet doors. These are often called dummy closet door knobs.

In terms of styling, closet door knobs can be very basic in shape. The most common basic shapes include the oval, rounded, and the square-shaped knobs. These are usually made from wood, brass, copper, plastic, stainless steel or any combination created from these materials. For the more demanding customers there are Victorian, Classical and French-styled door knobs that are made from expensive materials like platinum, ivory and porcelain.