About Concrete Cutting Tools About Concrete Cutting Tools

The thought of using concrete cutting tools can be very intimidating.  Because they are high powered tools with the sole purpose of cutting through one of the hardest materials out there, you may think that there’s no way you can use them yourself, but you can.

Size Matters

Depending on the job, you will have a few different size options when choosing the right concrete cutter.  There are manual cutters, such as a hammer and chisel; hand held concrete cutters like a jackhammer; and large industrial sized concrete tools including large rotary concrete cutting tools.  If you are breaking up small amounts of concrete, then you can use either the manual tools or something a bit larger, like a jackhammer.  Both of these are easy to use yourself.

Where to Buy Concrete Cutting Tools

If it’s a one time job requiring the use of a concrete cutter, then you’ll probably want to rent one, rather than purchase.  Most machine rental businesses will have jackhammers for rent.  Also, more and more home improvement stores have a rental department where you can rent larger machinery such as a jackhammer.

If you are anticipating a lot of work requiring a concrete cutter you may be better off buying your own. To save some money, check with rental companies since they sometimes sell off some of their tools and machinery. 

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