Cypress Lumber 101

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Cypress lumber is an ideal hardwood for exterior applications around your home. Its resistance to moisture, rotting, and insect damage makes it a logical choice for decks and exterior siding.

Cypress Lumber Decks

Exterior decking requires lumber that will resist the elements as well as be able to handle the daily abuse decks endure during the summer months. Since installing a deck is a substantial investment, you want to make sure it’s going to last. Cypress lumber has a long life as opposed to standard pressure treated wood.

Cypress Lumber Finishing Properties

Cypress lumber has also found a use in exterior siding for the reasons mentioned above as well as its unique finishing properties. When milled, cypress is a light blond color that, when treated with a clear coat of polyurethane, will turn a golden honey color. It can also be painted since it takes paint just as easily as other, softer woods. Its composition also makes it easier to work with as opposed to composite materials that offer similar resistance to the elements.

For homeowners looking for a unique exterior design, the benefits of cypress lumber are worth considering.