About Decorative Concrete Tools

Concrete tools can transform a dull piece of gray concrete into a stylish drive or a smart patio. There are many on the market, so which tools are best for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, and how do you use them?

  • Texture rollers look like giant paint rollers, and can be rolled across wet concrete to create an interesting texture. Granite and stone patterns are particularly effective.
  • Paving tools can create the look of many flooring options, including bricks, tiles, pebbles and cobblestone. These concrete tools come in sets of stamps, which create a repeatable pattern across the concrete surface. The patterns are designed in such a way that the it is difficult to discern where the patterns begin and end in the concrete.
  • Scoring tools can create the look of a paved surface by making “grout lines” in the concrete surface. If you have never attempted this before, it is best to mark out the lines you intend to score in pencil first, so that the marks you make are straight.

After you have used concrete tools to make the appropriate patterns in the surface, there are numerous concrete stains available to complete the finish. A terracotta stain will give a Mediterranean look, whilst an earthy color can give a natural effect.