About Doorway Arches About Doorway Arches

A doorway arch is a way to add beauty and grace to doorway openings in your home. Arched doorways have been used for thousands of years as a method of helping strengthen weight bearing walls and door openings.

Can I Add Arches to My Home Doorways?
It is easily possible to add arches to doorway openings with several different kinds of doorway arch framing systems. The two most popular are Flex-C-Track and Easy Arch. Both of these systems allow for easy installation of flexible metal arched door framing that is customizable according to the specific doorway arch that the homeowner desires. Prices for both of these arched framing materials range from $3 to $10 per foot and they can be found at many large home improvement centers.

Door Types
The first type of door that fits most easily in an arched doorway is, naturally, an arched door. It is possible to find customized arched doors online from almost any supplier of standard doors. In many cases, arched doors can be found not only as solid doors with various decorative details such as hand carving or glass inserts, but also as French doors, screen doors and even storm doors.

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