About Pagodas

beautiful pagoda in park with large pond

Putting a pagoda in your garden can add an unexpected element of style and tranquility to your back yard.

What is a Pagoda?

Traditionally a Pagoda was a multi-tiered building designed as a place of worship throughout East Asia. In the past few years small replicas of pagodas have become popular additions to home gardens, in particular rock gardens that are used as a place of quiet reflection and, in some cases, worship. A pagoda is a stunning addition to any outdoor space.

Use in Garden Design

The purpose of creating a pagoda stone garden is to create a Zen like space to promote peace and inner harmony. There are many different styles of pagodas that you can purchase or make to compliment your stone garden. You can put a basic replica of a pagoda in a central part of your garden as a focal point.

Or you can purchase pagodas that double as gentle water fixtures or wind chimes, with each design creating its own peaceful sound. Another functional pagoda that you can buy is an outdoor fireplace pagoda that can add warmth to your stone garden through its design and use.