About Post and Lintel Construction

Lintel construction involves two horizontal beams used to support a vertical beam. This form of construction has been around since ancient times and is a precursor to arch construction, which is more common today. Post and lintel construction is a simple architecture design that can be accomplished easily as a do-it-yourself project.

Examples of Post and Lintel Construction

The most widely sited examples of post and lintel construction are the ancient ruins in Rome and Greece. You can find numerous classical examples of two horizontal beams supporting a vertical beam in the Coliseum, Parthenon and other ancient buildings. Remarkably, these structure are still standing today; a testament to the soundness of the basic post and lintel construction.

Usage Today

Pergolas are an example of modern post and lintel construction. Typically found in backyards and patios as well as an enclosure structure for decks, a  pergola is constructed by affixing carefully spaced crossbeams to 2 by 8 header boards supported by 2 by 8 posts. A pergola may be adorned with plants such as ivy and wisteria plants that gives the structure a unique garden feeling, or covered with roofing panels to protect a home’s deck or patio.