About Rubber Bullnose

If you want to use an attractive bullnose shape as decoration in your home, you have many options available. You might decide to install bullnose tiles in a location where you need decorative trim. Alternatively, you might decide to grind a solid stone surface into the shape you desire. However, both of these options are limited by location and materials, and are not always possible.

This is where rubber bullnose comes in. Rubber bullnose is a versatile material that you can install in most locations easily and conveniently. Rubber bullnose can solve many of the problems you are having if you find yourself unable to use bullnose in certain circumstances. What follows should give you a good overview of the various advantages it can provide.

Installation of Rubber Bullnose

Installing rubber bullnose is quite simple. Generally speaking, it involves measuring the edge that you plan to install the bullnose onto, and then measuring and cutting that amount of rubber bullnose from the supply that you purchased. At this point, you merely have to apply adhesive to the surface you are installing onto, and then apply the rubber bullnose and allow it to dry.

Some kits will actually include adhesive on the back of the rubber bullnose. Others will not, so it is important to figure out which sort you have bought and plan accordingly.

Pre-Installed Rubber Bullnose

There are many types of furniture and household items that will come with rubber bullnose edging already installed. Many desks, for example, will have rubber bullnose on their corners to soften their appearance. Additionally, many tables and stair treads are available with bullnose edging.

Different Colors Available

Black is by far the most common color that rubber bullnose is available in. However, there are many other colors that are common for rubber bullnose. Some of these are white, gray, and blue, though most neutral colors will also be available if you are willing to look around.

Various Possible Sizes

Bullnose edging comes in many sizes, as it can be used in a wide variety of places. Any size that you need should be available. However, most bullnose edging will be between a fraction of an inch and 2 inches.

You should also be aware that rubber bullnose will come in different lengths, so be sure to figure out how you plan to use it and take appropriate measurements so you can purchase the right amount.

Places to Use Rubber Bullnose

There are many places that you can install rubber bullnose in your home. For example, you can use it on the edge of a desk or table to soften both the appearance and the actual hardness. You can also use it on stair treads.

Where to Get Rubber Bullnose

You should be able to get rubber bullnose at your local hardware store, as it is quite common. However, there are also many web sites that specialize in selling rubber bullnose, and many that include it in their more general inventories as well. A quick internet search will turn up many of these sites if you would prefer ordering bullnose edging online to purchasing it in a local store.