Above Ground Garden Pond Construction Above Ground Garden Pond Construction

Outdoor garden pond construction is a lot easier that most people think. With a few simple tools, some creativity and time, you can add a wonderful centerpiece to any yard.

The tools you need will depend on what you want to make your pond with. A lot of people choose to build a frame out of treated wood. If you do this you’ll want to make sure you have enough plants or stones to build up around it to avoid an unsightly mess. You can choose to make the frame out of brick or stone. Natural stone adds an elegant look, but can be costly to make the entire frame with.

Prepare the Bottom

Before you lay the liner in place you need to make sure you cover the bottom of the pond. This will prevent the liner from tearing or cracking once you’ve filled it. Any kind of material will work as long as it’s protective in nature. Some people choose thick tarps, carpet padding, or a small grain (soft) sand.


You can find pond liners at any hardware store. The size of the liner will depend entirely on the size of the frame you’ve built. The liner will basically just sit down inside the frame. There isn’t a lot of work required for this part. Place the liner on the cover, add a few inches of water to help the liner form shape.

That’s all there is to it!

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