Above Ground Pool Deck Repair

You will most likely have to partake in pool deck repair a lot more often than you would with a standard deck. A pool deck is subjected to the same elements as a normal deck plus more activity during warmer months with people running on the deck. There is also a constant bombardment of pool water which contains chemicals that can harm the wood. The following article will cover some of the more common problems you may face when setting out to repair your pool deck.

Warped and Bowed Floorboards

Due to the amount of water that is sure to pummel the floorboards it's no wonder that they'd be at the top of pool deck repair scenarios. The water, in conjunction with the pool chemicals and elements, causes the wood to swell. This causes the wood to bow and warp as it dries. Fixing these boards is not at all difficult. Pry them from the deck and measure floorboards that are not warped. Use those measurements to get new floorboards of the exact size you need. Replace the warped or bowed floorboards and nail them back in place. You can use a nail sink and screws to keep the floorboards in place even if warping occurs.

Rotting Floorboards

When you have a pool deck you really need to make sure that the wood is treated. The deck floor has to be made out of either plastic and wood composite; treated with weatherproofing chemicals or are sealed with polyethylene. The water, chemicals and elements can cause untreated wood to not only bow and warp but to also rot. This makes the floorboards weak and dangerous. Painting does not replace the proper weather treatment.

Popped Nails

Nails can be a very dangerous thing in a pool deck. As the wood reacts to the elements it can contract and expand many times over the year. This constant flexing can cause nail holes to become slightly larger than they were which will, over time, make the nails pop out from the wood. Stepping and tripping on nails is obviously not a good thing. You can hammer the nails back in place but that is a temporary fix. Replace the nails with ones that are slightly larger than the ones that have popped out of the deck. Nail them in place and then use a nail set to drive them deeper into the wood. To keep the nails from popping out again you can install screws just next to the nails so that the top of the screw covers the top of the nail.

Sinking Posts

Splashing water from the pool and water from rain and snow can cause the ground to become soft and the deck to sink so that it is no longer level. You can use a car jack to lift the pool deck up until it is level. Place a metal pipe inside the hole until it cannot go any further then pour pea gravel through it while moving the pipe. Fill the hole until the deck is level.