Above Ground Pool Design Ideas Above Ground Pool Design Ideas

Planning an above ground pool design can be a bit demanding for homeowners since it involves combining many variables like improving the overall decor and maintaining practicality. As you plan, consider the affordable and easy-to-adopt above ground pool design ideas have below.

Artificial Vines

This option is recommended for people who are looking to establish a natural ambiance in their above-ground pools without spending too much. Artificial vines meant for pool-side installation are made of durable synthetic materials. They look like natural vines and offer years of maintenance-free performance. A special coating on the material ensures that their surface doesn’t attract grime or dust, further reducing maintenance demands.

Unlike live plants, artificial vines don’t attract insects. Further, you can now find vines treated with a scent similar to the ones real plants. The best types of above-ground pools for artificial vines are those that aren't already surrounded by garden spread.

Vinyl Decals

Decals provide the simplest way to personalize your above ground pool. Vinyl decals are available in a wide range of colors and textures, shapes and patterns. They can be simply pasted upon the exterior of the pool’s outer walls. The decals are prepared from synthetic materials and use special adhesives that enable them to withstand the permanently-moist nature of surfaces around the pool. Consider using plain-colored decals to complement the shade of the nearby poolside furniture.

Higher end decals are also available. More expensive but visually, impressive vinyl, they are designed to be imposed on the base of the swimming pool, adding to the overall aesthetics of the pool.

A Moat

This is a slightly demanding but very rewarding option wherein a moat-like structure is established along the outer circumference of the pool. The moat’s wall can be made from real stone or faux stone and further flavored with colored stone and gravel. The presence of the moat defines the outline of the above-ground pool in a subtle but stylish manner.

Marine Decor

This more whimsical designing option employs a ship-like ambiance established by tying fish nets and drapes made from nautical fabrics around the pool. The theme can be further accentuated by adding features like fake starfish and crabs, buoys and pirate flags.

Faux Stone

This is among the most progressive of above ground pool design ideas that can instantly transform a conventional pool side into a stylish statement. In fact, the presence of faux stone along the pool’s edges and walls transforms the pool’s appearance into a premium-end spa. Faux stone panels are very durable and can be customized into various shapes and designs. Installing faux stone is easy and doesn’t require professional assistance. For larger pools, consider faux boulders as a variation on this style.

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