Above-Ground Pool Deck Ideas

An above-ground pool deck makes your pool a gathering place for friends and family. A well-planned design allows you to enjoy eating and lounging. The deck can also eliminate the need for you to use a ladder to get in and out of your above-ground pool, a change that makes the pool safer for you and your guests.

Simple Deck Designs

Even a simple design can add to the appeal of your pool and provide added space for your guests to congregate. These simple and cost-effective designs focus on one end of the pool. Usually they consist of a set of stairs leading to an area that has room for a few lounge chairs or a small table. The deck is built even with the pool edge to allow easy access to the pool. You can incorporate railings and built-in benches if you want you to spice up your design.  

Complex Deck Designs

If you’re looking for a little more out of your above-ground pool deck, you should consider a 360-degree design. These designs work well if you use your pool to entertain on a frequent basis. They allow easy access to the entire pool and provide a gathering area to one side. You can customize these decks or use varying dimensions to satisfy your tastes.

One popular design incorporates a 3-foot wide walkway that can open up to a large area. This area holds a few lounge chairs and an outdoor table and chair set. Including a decorative rail around the entire deck will enhance the design. A rail also serves as an important safety feature. For decks of this size, you might want to provide at least two points of access in the form of wide staircases.

Above-Ground Pool Deck Materials

You may select from several materials. The most popular and cost effective is still pressure-treated lumber for the deck and rail. Although the least expensive, this material requires yearly waterproofing to keep it looking new.  Pressure treated lumber also requires the most labor to install.

Composite deck materials that mimic the grain and look of wood are another popular choice. Although slightly more expensive than wood, this material requires no maintenance and can last up to 10 years.  These decks require slightly less time to install since you don’t have to finish or waterproof this material.

Finally, pool owners may select a PVC material for their decking and rails. This material is the most expensive, but like composite decking, it requires virtually no maintenance.  Like composite decking, this type requires roughly the same amount of time to install.

Decorative Pool Deck Designs

 A great way to incorporate the look of natural wood with the durability of stone products is the use of pool deck tile. This product offers many benefits over traditional wood decks. The tiles are made from durable hardwoods which resists moisture and rotting. The individual tiles snap together without the use of a hammer, nails or glue. The size of these tiles allows you to arrange them in any pattern so you can create a custom design for your pool deck.