Above-Ground Pool Decks

If you're thinking of installing an above ground pool deck for your home's swimming pool, it is important that you understand the difference between a freestanding deck and an attached deck. This article will help you explore your options, so if an above ground pool deck has piqued your interest, simply read on.

Freestanding Decks

A freestanding deck is the most common type of above ground pool deck currently used for home swimming pools. In addition to being fairly easy to build, this type of deck stands adjacent to your pool and can either surround the pool or be attached to it with a walkway. A freestanding pool deck's support comes from either a poured foundation or a floating footing-based foundation.

Attached Decks

Attached above ground pool decks will give your above ground pool the appearance of an in-ground pool and rely on your home for support. As such, attached decks are considerably more difficult to build and install than their freestanding counterparts. In fact, depending on your home's elevation, you may not be able to construct an attached deck at all. To their credit, attached pool decks tend to take up less space than freestanding decks, but the difference is price in seldom worth the saved space. Also, because this type of deck will depend on your home for support, it is imperative that you incorporate the aid of a licensed contractor should you chose to build and install one.