Above-Ground Pool Slide Maintenance Checklist

Keeping your above ground pool slide properly maintained will help keep it safely working for years to come. Follow this maintenance routine to ensure that your slide is in good working order and appropriately cleaned throughout the seasons.

Visual Inspection

Inspect your slide for any loose bolts, rust, wear or any other needed repairs at regular intervals throughout the season. Not only can this prevent injury, but by replacing any missing parts quickly you will ensure you are not creating any structural damage. Generally, you should only have to tighten or replace bolts on a well-maintained slide. 

Clean the Slide

You should rinse your slide regularly with a hose to rid it of any dirt or other debris that may accumulate on it.

You should also periodically clean your pool slide throughout the season to maintain its surface and integrity, and to remove the build-up of pool chemicals. Most slides are made from acrylic and plastic components and can be cleaned with nonabrasive soap and water. Review the cleaner’s label before applying it to any acrylic surfaces and be sure to avoid any harsh chemicals or disinfectants.

If you would like to disinfect your slide, it is generally safe to use bleach and most household disinfectants. As with cleaning products, be sure to read the label first.

Fix Abrasions & Scratches

Light scratches, haze and scuff marks can be hand polished using plastic polishing products. Use a clean cotton cloth to apply the polish and buff the scratches away.

Protect Your Slide

The heat of the summer sun along with the constant exposure to chlorine can cause your slide to warp, fade and crack. Protect it from UV rays when not in use by covering it. After use, but before covering it, rinse the slide with fresh water and let it dry before covering it. If the slide can be removed during the off season, store it indoors for optimal results. Before storing for the season, use an acrylic sealant or plastic moisturizer on the slide’s plastic or acrylic surfaces.

Be sure to check with your slide’s manufacturer if you have any specific cleaning questions or are concerned about using a particular household cleaner or polishing product. By following these steps to keep your slide maintained throughout the year, you will help your family get its full use out it for years to come.