Accenting Your Garden with a Gnome Door Accenting Your Garden with a Gnome Door

Many people find that a traditional garden is insufficient for the aesthetic and atmosphere that they hope to create in the area around their home. In these cases, enhancements such as small statues, birdbaths, gazebos and gnome doors may be helpful in creating a whimsical yard or garden. Plan your choice of enhancement carefully, as inappropriate selection or excessive ornamentation tends to detract from the overall appearance of the garden rather than enhance it. When selecting a gnome or gnome door for your garden, location and moderation are the key elements.

Determining the Appropriate Garden Enhancement

If it seems to you that the trees, flowers and lawn in your garden or yard are lacking something that grabs attention, consider how best to enhance your space. While a statue, birdbath or small structure may give your yard the appearance of an estate or country club, a garden gnome and accompanying gnome door adds a whimsical, fantastical air.

If you have decided on a garden gnome for your yard, investigate the possibilities. Outdoor centers and gardening stores are a good start, but antique and pawn shops and other trinket stores may also have a perfect statuette for your yard. When selecting your gnome, consider the size, expression and action you wish to display. Garden gnomes range from the cartoonish and happy to serious to mischievous and everything in between.

Placing Your Gnome and Door

Once you have selected the ideal gnome statuette for your yard, the next step is placing it. Consider the appearance of the statue and how it best fits with the aesthetic that you have in mind. Your gnome may be out in an open area of the lawn, hidden in a bush or at the base of a tree or peering around a corner, for instance.

To continue with the theme, buy and install or build a gnome door. The door may fit up against a wall of the house or other flat surface, and should be roughly the size of your gnome. While many gnome doors come fully constructed, many homeowners enjoy building their own doors. 

To create your own gnome door, you’ll need a circular or jig saw. Use plywood for the door slats and a darker wood like pine for the frame. Construct the frame first and measure out slats to fit within the frame. The door may be a standard rectangular shape, or experienced craftspeople may opt for a bell shape or other unorthodox frame. Include a doorknob for effect. Fasten the frame and the door slats to the wall with a powerful glue designed for outdoor use.

Take care to keep both your garden gnome and the gnome door adequately clean so that they do not collect moss or suffer damage due to rain or other forms of exposure. With minimal expense and effort, you will have an attractive and unique feature to add to your garden.




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