Accessories for Handicap Shower Tub Units

Having a handicap shower tub at home can make things easier for older or disabled family members. With this kind of shower tub, people who have limited mobility can safely bathe on their own. If you are assisting a disabled person, shower tub accessories for the handicapped can make your work more convenient as well. Here are some of the essential accessories that you should install in a handicap shower area.

Shower Tub Grab Bars

The most basic accessories that you need to install in a handicap shower tub are safety grab bars. This type of handle bars provides support to handicapped persons so that they can maintain their balance while they take a bath. People with physical disabilities may find it difficult to stand or change positions while they are taking a shower. But with safety grab bars, a person with disability can have better stability in the tub.  

Shower Tub Seats or Benches

This accessory allows a disabled person to sit comfortably while taking a shower. Shower seats come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. You can even opt for shower benches to give disabled family members a sturdier place to sit in the shower tub. When choosing a shower seat, make sure to choose one that is made from high quality stainless steel. Aside from durability, stainless shower chairs are also resistant to rust. It is also important that the seats you buy have smooth round edges so injuries can be minimal if ever accidents occur. To save space, you can go for shower seats that can be easily folded when not in use.

Handicap Shower Tub Ramps

Some people with disabilities require the use of their wheelchair even while taking a bath. To make this possible, a shower tub ramp access is needed to easily lift the person on a wheelchair in and out of the shower tub. To save on costs, choose a ramp module that can be fitted in other places that have obstacles such as your garage or porch. This way, you do not have to invest in more than one ramp for the handicapped.

Specialized Shower Head

If you want to allow a handicapped person to use the shower without any assistance, you need to install a specialized shower head that can be held by the user. A hand-held shower head is easier to use and control compared to a nozzle that is fastened overhead. This type of shower head can be used with a glide bar to help in adjusting the positioning the nozzle. You may also want to connect this shower head to a long hose to give the user more control and maneuverability in the shower tub.

Heavy Duty Shower Tub Curtain

A heavy duty shower tub curtain can provide better protection to people with disabilities while using the shower. Apart from being very durable, this type of shower curtain is fireproof and has anti-electrostatic properties to prevent electrical shock if and when electrical devices are used in the shower. More importantly, some heavy duty curtains are also resistant to bacteria and germs, thus making the handicap shower tub more sanitary.