Accordion Vs. Colonial Hurricane Shutters

There are major differences in the stability of accordion hurricane shutters and colonial-style designs. The main differences include the structural build of the shutters themselves and how they stand to outside pressure and forces to your home. Read on to learn about various types of hurricane shutters so you can decide which will work best for you.

Structural Differences

Accordion hurricane shutters have many ribs on them, which increases the impact displacement when they are struck by the weather or other flying objects. Colonial shutters are a flat surface when closed, so they offer fewer areas of impact displacement from outside forces.

The Look and Feel Outside the Home

The colonial style shutters are generally more visibly appealing on the outside of your home and can give an antique feel that accordion styles don't. The accordion style is very modern-looking and can look out of place on an older home as they are designed with a modern or industrial look. If you have a modern or contemporary home, however, the accordion style may look best.

Ease of Access and Application

You can outfit your accordion hurricane shutters with a motorized track system that you can operate with a switch from the inside of your home, closing them to the outside elements. Your colonial windows can be modified with hand cranks to open and close them from the inside with manual operation.