Achieve a Natural Look with Artificial Greenery Achieve a Natural Look with Artificial Greenery

There was a time when artificial greenery was easy to detect. Their leaves and stems had a plastic appearance and their flowers looked very little like the living versions. These fake plants were frowned upon by professional designers and decorators. The invention of many new materials has allowed for the development of warm lifelike foliage. These new artificial plants add beauty to any room, are extremely realistic and are available in a variety of sizes and plant to match any decorating styles.

Silk Plants

Homeowners who would rather spend less time worrying about and caring for real plants, have made silk plants one of their most popular choices. Made in China from a blend of cotton and polyester, many of these plants have been crafted by skilled artisans. Great care is taken to recreate all of the parts of the plants. Silk plants can be used in vases, as accents and as centerpieces. Silk ficus trees have been created using real tree trunks and silk ficus leaves. Silk plants are a favorite in offices where they are used to fill a bare corner and create a warmer atmosphere. 

Latex Plants

Lilies and sunflowers have been made to look more lifelike through the use of latex. Latex is flexible and can be brightly colored. These bright colors can last many years. Many greenery items are also made from latex. The fine details of veins and imperfections in real foliage can be reproduced in latex. Molds are created using real life foliage. The latex is then poured into the mold. When it is dry and has been removed, the simulated plant that exists has all of the real characteristics found in nature. Artificial latex plants such as ivy and fern can be placed in floor pots or in hanging baskets. They are especially decorative in high areas such as on top of kitchen cabinets, door frames and architectural columns. This greenery can also bring nature indoors. 

Artificial Plants Outdoors

Artificial plants are not usually placed outdoors, but they can last outside for about a year, in typical weather conditions. Bright artificial plants and flowers can be added to any garden, to either fill a space or create a specific look. Life like artificial evergreens can also become a garden addition that does not require the effort and care of real evergreens. They can be made to seem more realistic by filling the area around the base with real soil.

Natural and Easy to Maintain

Artificial plants can bring nature inside, especially for some homeowners who are away a lot or who have little time to care for real plants. People who live in homes and apartments that receive little natural sunlight find it discouraging to keep real plants healthy. Artificial plants require no effort in potting, watering, fertilizing or pruning. They simply need to be dusted on a regular basis and to be kept from direct sunlight whenever possible.

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