Acid Wash Concrete Flooring: 2 Steps Acid Wash Concrete Flooring: 2 Steps

Acid wash concrete is a necessary step to prepare a concrete surface for painting and to be sealed. Acid washing is also referred to as etching and it involves applying an etching compound to the concrete for the purpose of making the concrete surface porous enough to accept the paint.

There are two main steps to follow in acid washing of a concrete floor. These steps help prepare the surface and allow the preparation to go forward prior to sealing the floor.

Step1 - Clean the Area for Etching

The concrete floor area that is going to be painted or sealed must be cleaned and cleared prior to the acid washing. All debris, dirt, loose paint and other materials on the concrete floor should be removed. Use a shop vacuum to pick up the loose debris that cannot be removed by hand. Use warm water and soap to remove any oil or film on the concrete floor.

Prepare the Etching Compound
Prepare the acid wash mixture according to the package instructions. Be aware that the etching compound is acid and care should be taken to make sure that it is applied to the concrete floor carefully. The acid will cause discoloration to any surface that it contacts that is not concrete. Carefully apply the acid wash using a stiff shop broom and garden hose to make sure that it is only applied to the concrete.

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