Acid Wash Your Silver: 3 Pros and Cons

Although Muriatic Acid is often used for cleaning the mortar between bricks, it can also be used to wash silver. By using it with just a couple of other simple household staples (baking soda, water, a soft cloth), you can achieve very impressive results. There are actually several other silver cleaning and shining methods that people commonly use, but Muriatic Acid has been known to have much more pleasing and consistent results. It also appeals to some because it does not require a big investment of time. Even though it is certainly a very effective solution for your silver care needs, there are some extremely important things to be aware of and keep in mind if you choose this cleaning method for your silver piece. 


  • After refining your silver piece, you will be left with a brilliantly, sparkling result.
  • The process is quite easy and can be done at home.
  • It is less expensive, but just as effective as having it professionally cleaned.


  • It produces corrosive fumes.
  • Cannot be used on certain other metals you may need cleaned, such as copper, brass, zinc, tin and aluminum.
  • Because it is an acid, an accidental spillage or contact with skin could cause severe skin burns or irreversable eye damage.