Activated Carbon Air Filters Activated Carbon Air Filters

The carbon air filters comprise of many molecular sized pores have high absorbent ability, chemical bonding and attraction to odors gases and liquid impurities. These properties make them very effective for no pollutant is left uncaptured.

Strengths of the Carbon Air Filters

• Almost all carbon air filters are capable of trapping chemical emissions, gases, cigarette smoke and odors.
• They hardly let the pollutant back into the air ones captured; this eliminates recontamination of the air.
• Easy to maintain and service with spare parts readily available.

Weaknesses of Carbon Air Filters

• Their efficiency level in removing allergens and dust is a bit lower.
• Most microorganisms evade their capture thus the air is not 100% cleaned.
• Have limitations in eliminating contaminants that are far away for are not pulled and forced to pass through the filter

Despite the short comings the carbon air filters help a great deal in reducing the contamination of the air in our rooms.

Complimenting Technologies to Carbon Air Filters

• Hepa air filters which trap allergens and other pollutants which carbon air filters are not able to trap
• The ionizer which can assist to reduce chemical from afar due to its attraction ability
• Germicidal UV lamp that kills or destroys the allergens that carbon air filters fail to destroy.

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