Acrylic Bathtub: Ways to Keep It Clean

bathtub with rubber ducky sitting on the edge

There is nothing like relaxing in a warm bath, but keeping any bathtub clean can be a challenge. There are some simple solutions that you might want to try in an effort to keep your bathtub looking great when you step into it. An acrylic bathtub is non-porous, which means dirt won’t get clogged in the surface. This makes it an easy tub to keep clean. Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning your acrylic bathtub.

1. Abrasive Soaps

It is important that you never use an abrasive or harsh soap to clean the acrylic bathtub, because it could damage the finish. Try using a mild detergent to wash away shampoo, soap scum, and other beauty product residue daily. A harsh soap with tough cleaning agents could mar or even scratch the acrylic finish.

2. No Acetone

person cleaning a bathtub

Never use a cleaning product that contains acetone which could ultimately dull the acrylic finish or break down the plastic materials that make up the acrylic bathtub.

3. Dull Surfaces

If your tub becomes dull or loses its shine over time, you can use a simple liquid acrylic polisher available at most home improvement or bath stores. The solution is rubbed on with a clean cloth and left to set overnight, restoring the shine to your bathtub.

4. Apply Sandpaper

Another way to restore the shine to an acrylic bathtub is to use a very fine grade sandpaper to remove deep stains, and marks. After using the sandpaper, follow up with an application of the liquid polisher applied lightly with a clean cloth or rag.

5. Store Bought Products

assorted cleaners in bottles

To keep your acrylic bath looking good, on a regular basis use store bought multi-purpose cleaning sprays that should be applied after using the tub. Sprays like Fantastic, 409, and Spic and Span powder can keep tubs shining and germ-free from every day usage.

6. Steam Cleaners

A safe and easy way to keep your acrylic bathtub from appearing dull or dirty is to use a steam cleaner. Many handheld steamers are available from home improvement and home goods stores. The steam works in two ways: it sanitizes the area and frees it from bacteria, as well as removes soap and shampoo residue, both of which can dull the appearance of an acrylic tub.

7. Baking Soda

When mixed with a small amount of water and applied as a paste with a clean cloth, baking soda is a good way to keep your acrylic tub in fine shape. Baking soda acts as a safe cleaning agent that will also remove any germs left over by the human body.

8. Caulked Areas

Be sure to keep the caulked areas around the tiles and the acrylic bathtub free from mildew and debris by using a mixture of vinegar and water. You can also use straight bleach mixed with water left on overnight to remove unsightly build-up. Wear appropriate gloves when applying bleach and leave a fan or window open to release bleach fumes.