Acrylic Dome Skylight vs. Glass Dome Skylight

Both a glass and acrylic dome skylight can provide you with a beautiful way to let natural light into your home. When choosing between these two types of skylights, you need to look at some of the different features that they have. Here are a few things to consider about glass and acrylic dome skylights.


If you are concerned about the clarity of the skylight, you will most likely prefer a glass dome. Glass is a little bit more clear when compared to acrylic and a lot of people prefer it because of this. 


The seal on the glass skylights are also a little better. Many of the factories that make these skylights will put 20 year warranties on these skylights. With acrylic skylights, they have to expand and contract, which means that the seal could break.


As a general rule, glass skylights will be more expensive than acrylic skylights. In some cases, the cheaper glass skylights will be about the same price as acrylic skylights. 


When it comes to sound absorption, the glass skylights are generally a little better than acrylic. You will hear less noise coming from the outside of the house through the glass skylights.