Acrylic vs Plexiglass Display Case Acrylic vs Plexiglass Display Case

Acrylic display cases are actually plastics, which are transparent, and very clear, where as a plexiglass display cases are technically the brand name of sheet acrylic. Plexiglass is a very good material for constructing anything. Plexiglass display cases are affordable, durable, lightweight and easy to work with. In addition, they are simple to cut, easy to glue and very beautiful to look at. Both acrylic and Plexiglass display cases have their own merits and are useful in various places. It is important to define your requirements very clearly to be able to decide what you need to use.


Plexiglass is used for windows. It is resistant to weather as it can withstand high degrees of heat as well as cold, which is not possible while using acrylic. Acrylic display cases are generally sturdy, whereas Plexiglass display cases are not and should be handled with more care because they can be broken.


Acrylic display cases are predominantly used for commercial purposes. Many shopping complexes use acrylic case to display their jewelry, collectibles, watches etc. Plexiglass is used mainly for domestic use like windows.

Both acrylic and Plexiglass display cases are widely available in the market and both are widely used depending on its requirement.


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