ADA Shower Stall Guidelines ADA Shower Stall Guidelines

If you're a bit unsure on your feet then an ADA Shower Stall may be the best thing to help you keep your independence. When designing an ADA bathroom and shower stall there are a few things to bear in mind.

ADA guidelines make it easier for anyone with a physical disability to live a normal and healthy life. These guidelines give people their independence back and helps them to stay safe in their home.


It's important that the faucets are easy to operate. It may be beneficial to fit single handle mixer style faucets. These will make it very easy to control the heat of the water without needing much strength.

It's also possible to fit a smart computer controlled faucet. This works by setting a certain temperature for the water. The water coming out of the faucet will then be heated to this exact temperature. This minimizes the chances of burning yourself.


You may want to consider turning your entire bathroom into a wet room. This means that you don't need any shower enclosure in your bathroom. Enclosures are useful as they contain water, however if you have a wheelchair then it might be easier not to have one.

If you do want to use a shower enclosure then you will need to think about whether the normal size is big enough. You might need to have an enclosure custom made to allow your wheelchair plenty of space to turn around.

Shower Head

The shower head should be mounted on a slider bar which means that people of all different heights will be able to use it. This is also useful if you are in a wheelchair and unable to reach high up.

The shower head should also be removable which means you can hold it in your hand and use it to clean your entire body. It's also useful if you need help washing as someone else can hold the shower head.


ADA showers will be much safer if they are also fitted with a small bench. People who are not good on their feet will find it much easier to sit down and use the handheld shower head. Shower benches are also useful if you feel unsteady and need to fall back on something safely.

Grab Bars

The shower stall is a very dangerous place if you think about it. Showers can often be very slippery because of the mix of shiny surfaces and water. Grab bars should be fitted around the shower enclosure so that you can safely stay balanced without slipping or falling.

You can never have too many grab bars and these need to be orientated both horizontally and vertically so that you always have a handle to grab hold of if needed.

It's important that these grab bars are securely fitted to the wall so that they don't move even when you put all of your weight on them.

Bathroom Design

When installing an ADA shower stall you might also want to consider a few different adjustments you can make on your bathroom. You should make sure that the locks on the bathroom doors can be opened from the outside. Panic alarms within your bathroom are also a great idea.

For a complete ADA compliant bathroom you must ensure that there is enough room for a wheelchair to turn through 360 degrees. ADA designs help you to live by yourself without compromising your safety.

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