Adapter Adapter

An adapter is a fitting that joins together components, such as pipes and other fixtures, in plumbing applications. An adapter is used where the two ends needed to be fitted are not designed to connect directly. 

There are many types of adapters for use between different sized pipes. In most cases the adapter needed may be as simple as a straight fitting between a 1/2 inch and a ¼ inch pipe. There are also elbow adapters, 90 degree adapters, pipe to hose adapters – basically for any plumbing connection you need, there is an adapter which can be found to fit the situation.

Fitting Adapter

Often, a fitting adapter can be an inexact science, and there will be situations where trial and error will be required in order to make the fittings work. The most important thing to keep in mind is that, in making fittings with adapters, make sure the final fitting is very tight, and safety hasn’t been sacrificed for necessity. 

Common Types of Adapters are:

•45 degree elbow
•Brass union
•Drop ear elbow
•Drop ear tee

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