Add a Direct Vent Fireplace Blower

What You'll Need
Shop Vac
Lubricant such as WD-40
Blower motor

If you live somewhere with typically frigid winters, you and your family can stay a little bit warmer by deciding to add a direct vent fireplace blower to your existing fireplace. By installing a blower, you will be able to distribute the warmth coming from the fireplace to all areas of the room by placing it directly in front of the fireplace or in an open area, like a doorway, near the fireplace. In addition, you will save money on your heating bill. Just follow these steps and you will have your fireplace blower up and running soon.

Step 1—Turn off Power and Remove Fireplace Insert

So that you do not harm yourself, turn off the power where you will ultimately be installing the blower.  Next, locate the fireplace insert cover for removal. You will need to take out the screws, which might entail using a little WD-40 and your own elbow grease. After the screws come loose, place them somewhere safe where you won’t lose them.

Step 2—Remove Existing Blower Motor or Install Electrical Wire

If there is an old blower motor already there, take it out after unplugging it and unscrewing the mounting bracket. If there is existing wiring as well, get rid of it. You can set the blower motor aside, but not directly on the floor or carpet. Find something else to rest it on so the motor does not leave a mess the area.

If you don’t have a blower motor in your fireplace, you should attach some 110/120 VAC service wire through the blower’s opining to the control box. Attach them securely to the blower clamp.

Step 3—Clean It Up

Take a shop vacuum and use it to vacuum out the all of the dirt and grime that you see. You might need to use a wire brush to loosen some of the grit, though. Make sure that you remove as much of the debris as possible.

Step 4—Attach the Blower Motor to Existing or New Wiring

You should have your new blower motor handy at this point. You need to wire it to the old blower’s wiring or to the new wiring that you may have installed during Step 2. Use the wire’s colors to guide you; black goes with black and white goes with white. The ground wire goes with the junction box stud.

Step 5—Position the Blower

You should put the blower in the far back of the fireplace. When you have it pushed as far back as possible, then pull it forward 1/4-inch. Do not guesstimate if you are not good with measurements; bust out a tape measure. Then put the motor in the blower space. You can make use of support brackets. Ensure that you tighten in the motor otherwise you might deal with noisy vibrations.

Step 6—Power It Up

You turned off the power earlier so you didn’t risk hurting yourself or others. Now it is safe to reconnect it. You can then turn on the motor to make sure that it’s working properly. If so, put the cover plate back on and screw it on securely.