Add a Dormer Window to Your Attic Add a Dormer Window to Your Attic

What You'll Need
Double plates
Timber flat
Tongue-and-groove boards
Waterproof coating

A dormer window is mandatory if you are thinking of remodeling your attic as it would not only allow for fresh air and sunlight but also provide a safe exit in case of an emergency and extra headroom and floor area. They should ideally match the structure and style of your house which, along with the type or quality of material used, will determine the cost of your project too. The option of energy-efficient windows can also be explored so as to reduce your future energy bills.

Below are the essential things that you shall require and steps as to how you can go about adding a dormer window to your attic.

Step 1 - Plan the Project

For any project to be effective it is mandatory to plan the project through so that you don’t encounter any unforeseen problems later on. Therefore, decide before hand as to the location and dimensions of your dormer window. Care must be taken to keep the structure and alignment of the house balanced against the newly added dormer. Moreover, dormer windows should also be used to provide an air of detail and history to the overall aura of your house along with an additional storage space.

Step 2 - Placing the Studs

Cut the attic where the proposed dormer window is required and nail two boards which would act as double studs. Place them towards the corner situated around the roof’s boundary. The height of the studs would be the height of the dormer you are adding and hence, the most feasible dimension is that of 6 to 7 inches. Usually, the dormer window should be 75% of the area of the wall in which they are constructed. After the positioning has been done, nail double plates to the ends of the studs. 

Step 3 - Plating the Stringers

More studs should be framed to enclose the dormer to the attic, the opening for the window towards the front and the triangular sides as well. After this, shield the stringers (made of 6 to 8 inch boards) at one end and point each stringer to the old rafter towards the top. Use a level to assure the perfect positioning of each stringer.

Step 4 - Nailing the Timber and Placing the Rafter

Now, nail a timber flat to the new opening and place the rafters (2x6 timbers) along the stringers. One nail at the end of the rafter should be nailed to the plate and the adjacent stringer both and the other end should be nailed with the 1x6. 

Step 5 - Outline and Roof Covering

To outline the roof opening with the new timber alone, cut the old rafters after which roof covering would be added using tongue-and-groove boards. Using the same texture and form of wood which has been used to built your attic, cover the front and the respective sides of the dormer.

Step 6 - Final Touches

Add waterproof coating like shingles, roll roofing along with the finished siding. After this, fit in the window frames and get the interior finishing done so as to use your dormer window effectively.

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