Add a Functional Porch to Your Dog House Add a Functional Porch to Your Dog House

Make your pet's dog house more comfortable with a functional porch. Your dog may prefer to dig a hole at the entrance of his backyard home and wallow in the coolness of the earth, but a porch can help do away with this habit.

Add a Functional Porch to Your Dog House

Adding a porch to your dog's house isn't frivolous. A porch actually protects your animal from the elements and pests - like mud, water, fleas and gnats. It keeps your dog cooler, more comfortable, cleaner and happier. A porch will keep rain and mud from splashing up into the door of the dog house or rotting the entrance. If you add a roof to the porch, you'll help your dog stay cool and dry. You can buy pre-made porches, or design and construct your own, usually in a weekend. Use 2-by-4 inch lumber, or 3/4-inch plywood. Make sure the porch is sturdy, secured to the dog house and not wobbly, or the dog won't use it.

Things to Avoid

Don't use pressure treated lumber for your dog house. It's treated with toxic chemicals which can be harmful for your adult dog, and can kill a puppy or young dog. Use cedar, teak or cypress wood, which are naturally water resistant, or paint or stain the wood with pet friendly non-toxic paint or stain.


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