Add A Koi Pond Waterfall In 5 Steps Add A Koi Pond Waterfall In 5 Steps

What You'll Need
Digging tools (shovels, pickaxe, hoe)
Concrete (if desired)
Decorative Rock

Adding a koi pond waterfall is an easy way to make your pond look professional and beautiful.  By taking advantage of your natural resources, it can also be inexpensive and fun.

Step 1 – Preparing the Area

Locate a natural area that slopes down towards your pond.  Clear it of brush and other debris that would hinder you from digging.  Make sure there are no power or water lines below the area.

Step 2 – Digging

Using a shovel, create a small ditch that intensifies the natural slope.  Keep in mind that you will be adding liner or concrete and river rock.  Make the ditch deep enough for the water to cover these elements and still maintain flow.

Step 3 – Installing the Pump

Install the waterfall pump at this time.  Make sure that you have access to power that is out of sight, or hide it with rocks. 

Step 4 – Lining

Line your small ditch with sand and cut strips of plastic lining, making sure a small lip is level with the ground.  If pouring concrete, use a form to make sure pooling doesn’t occur.

Step 5 – Decorate

Add colored stones to the ditch for decoration.  Also cover the lip of your waterway with decorative tile or stones.

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