Add a Swivel Base to Your Kneeling Desk Chair

Adding a swivel base to a kneeling desk chair will make mobility around your office easier and more convenient. With the proper tools, you will be able to transform your chair easily and quickly.


When preparing to add a swivel base to a kneeling desk chair, you must first turn your chair upside down and place the swivel base piece on it to trace the area you would like your swivel added. When doing this it is important to make sure that the kneeling chair will still be in an ergonomically correct stance once the swivel is added, or you may experience aches and pains in your body.

Depending on your swivel kit, you may need to drill into your chair carefully using a small drill bit. Make sure you do not drill too far or you may go through the chair or upholstery.

Attaching the Swivel

Once the holes have been drilled, you will be able to screw in the included screws and attach the clip and washers at the bottom of the base of the chair to secure it. This way the swivel will not easily fall off the chair. With some kits and models, you will have a plastic plate that you will be able to place between the swivel kit and the chair. This will also make the chair more secure.

Attaching a swivel to your kneeling chair is very easy to do and can be done in very little time.