Add an Alarm to a Garage Door

What You'll Need
Electric drill
Carpenters pencil
Stud finder
Drywall anchors

In order to add an alarm to your garage door, there are a few essential steps in this process. While you won’t require any specialized tools, you will nevertheless need a few standard tools. You’ll also need to take some time to find out the best places to install the various specialized garage door alarm parts. It doesn’t take an alarm expert to install one of these devices on a garage door, but it will take a little time and examination to get it just right. But once you’ve done so, you can rest easy that what you have stored in your garage is safe.

Step 1 – Clean the Surface

Clean the surface so there is no debris on it. You’ll particularly want to clear off the section where you intend to attach the door sensor’s main unit.

Step 2 – Location for Alarm

With your stud finder, locate a stud as near to the door frame’s highest point as possible. Use drywall anchors, however, if you are unable to locate a stud.

Step 3 – Mounting Point for Main Unit

While holding the main unit of the door sensor up to the door, level it and place a mark, using a carpenter's pencil, on the wall were the top of the unit will be. The unit’s screw holes can also be marked in this same manner.

Step 4 – Drill Screw Holes

Now you’re ready to make screw holes for the mounting. You’ll want to drill these into a stud. If that’s not an option, drill holes in drywall anchors, and once you’re finished with these, put anchors in your wall. Attach the unit to the wall with screws.

Step 5 – Choose the Magnetic Switch Locations

Choose the door jamb and door locations to install magnetic switches. These switches must make contact together, so place them in such a way that they do so when the door is in the closed position. Therefore, whenever the door is in the open position, they should not contact each other.

Step 6 – Drill the Magnetic Switch's Pilot Holes.

For the magnetic switches and pilot holes, mark where these are to go. The magnetic switches can now be attached. After attaching these switches, make it so that your garage alarm security system communicates signals from the door sensor you’ve installed.

Once you have followed these steps, your garage door alarm will be ready to use. Although many people simply padlock their garage doors, if you have an expensive car or specialized work tools stored in your garage, it will be wise to take that extra step and add an alarm, as well. This way, if your lock is ever compromised, or somebody attempts to break into your garage, you’ll know about it right away and be able to keep your possessions from being stolen.