Ways to Add Color and Style to a White Kitchen

A white kitchen.

Many kitchens have an overall white theme. White is generally a popular color for kitchens for a number of reasons, such as the fact that it makes rooms bright, cheerful, and easy to work in. It also provides a nice canvas for accessorizing the kitchen with other accent colors. The great thing is, with an overall white theme, you can completely change the accent colors or themes as often as you want.


Many white kitchens also have white or light-colored cabinetry. If this is the case, you can add a lot of style and pizzazz by swapping out the hardware for something colorful and bright. By picking up an accent color that is used elsewhere in the room, and finding cabinet door hardware that includes that color, it will blend the color throughout the room.

Plants for a Splash of Color

Another advantage of having an overall white color theme in the kitchen is that it makes the room feel light and airy. You can expand upon this feeling, as well as add color accents, by adding some interesting plants to the kitchen.

Plants generally do well in the kitchen, and if you choose planters with a colorful or matching theme, the overall white background of the kitchen will really show off the plants to their best advantage, making them a focal point. If the space above the cabinets is open up to the ceiling, you can add a collection of plants to this space, which will add color without taking up counter space.

Add Texture with Accessories

Adding texture is another way of adding interest to a white kitchen. Choosing throw rugs or placemats that have an interesting texture to them can add a lot of interest to the room. By using a single texture, and then carrying it through the room in various areas, it can help tie the effect together.

For example, if you use a neutral-colored area rug made from an organic natural fiber in one area of the room, you can pick up on the same color or texture in the placemats, or perhaps add a floral arrangement somewhere in the room that also has some natural materials in it that coordinate with the natural materials in the rug.

More Tips

Another texture that can be easily carried throughout the room is tile. If by chance the kitchen countertops are already made from tile, you can add other tile accents throughout the room. Choosing a kitchen table that has a colorful ceramic tile tabletop can add to the effect, or you can go with a less expensive and easier approach such as adding tile trivets or hanging decorative tiles on the walls as art.

Another advantage of having a white kitchen is that it easily allows for holiday decorating and accessorizing. When you add a few color holiday decorations to a white kitchen, they don't become lost and overpowered by the other colors in the room, but instead stand out and become a focal point. Overall, having a white kitchen offers more decorating options than just about any other color theme.