Add Personality to Your Yard with a Pergola Add Personality to Your Yard with a Pergola

Pergola home designs are finding an increased acceptance among rural and urban households. They are often used for creating elaborate garden enhancements like arbors or trellises. A pergola can be used for personally styling your yard, as it is available in many designs and shapes. Typically, most pergola designs consist of a series of coordinated, symmetrical columns, crossbeams and climbing plants. Pergolas are used as supporting structures in the garden or for increasing the expanse of vegetation cover. This is why fast-climbing plants like vines, hanging baskets and climbing roses can be in a pergola.

Decorate Your Landscape Design with Pergolas 

Pergolas can be easily matched with the external and interior household décor, according to individual aesthetic preferences. You can use pergolas by limiting them along the side of a wall or for covering the entire yard space. Even when constructing pergolas there are many options to consider. Pergolas are constructed in the form of decorated arches. For supporting the arch-like structure, installing supporting posts or beams is necessary.

These beams can be created from timber, brick, concrete or stone. However, wooden pergolas are the most preferred option. A pergola does not have to be constructed in a straight line. It can also be curved to make it more compatible with the layout of the yard. Pergolas are often used to create stylishly-shaded sitting places in the yard. Here, the vegetation used in pergola decoration is specifically arranged for keeping away the sunlight.

Building a pergola is not as demanding as it appears. You can construct smaller pergolas as standalone structures or bigger ones that are connected to the nearby windows, gates or walls. When attached to a part of the house, a pergola acts like a trendy extension of the residential space.

Choosing Pergola Home Designs 

It is vital that to understand the various kinds of pergola designs to decide which one is best-suited for your yard space. The most-commonly seen pergola arrangements include: 

Walkway-styled Pergolas — These pergolas will make your yard appear trendier along with serving a practical function. If you have a large yard that does not direct visitors towards the main entrance then walkway pergolas can be considered. Such pergolas are usually found among larger backyards that are crowded with lavish gardens or swimming pools. Being quite large in size, walkway pergolas are used for creating shaded areas along sun-drenched pool sides. 

Entrance-area Pergolas — You can use pergolas for making a charming entrance area if the house has its entrance through the yard. Pergolas can be constructed around the entry area for making an immediate impression upon the visitors. 

Sitting-area Pergolas — You can use pergolas in the backyard to ensure that the outdoor sitting area has a more defined presence. Pergolas help in creating a pleasing combination of fresh foliage cover and a well-shaded area. They are usually constructed over an existing sitting area or a patio to make it appear more inviting for guests.

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