Add Romance to Any Room with a Venetian Mirror Add Romance to Any Room with a Venetian Mirror

Beveled, etched, hand-cut glass with floral designs is the hallmark of a Venetian mirror. These mirrors provide romantic inspiration in a variety of ways, from their elegant design to the luxurious feel they add to your home decor.


Long before we began using electricity, mirrors were used in castles and large estates to reflect candlelight or other light sources, which brightened rooms considerably. Venetian mirrors date back to the 16th century, when the Venetians perfected the art of metal-backed glass to create a reflective surface. Venetian craftsman added beautiful etched and cut-glass designs.

Romantic Decor

Today many people enjoy mixing home furnishing styles to create an eclectic, personalized environment. Contemporary and modern decors are often heightened and accentuated by combining them with more traditional or classical pieces. In this vein, a Venetian mirror contributes as much to the decor as the illumination of the room.

And a classic Venetian mirror offers more than just a hint of romance. With its beveled edges, mirrored borders, fancy designs or intricate etchings, a Venetian mirror adds opulence and stability to practically any style of home decor. In contrast to much modern, straight-lined decor, the artistry of Venetian mirrors captures the imagination and adds elements of grace and femininity without being gaudy.

The Cost of a Venetian Mirror

Due to the benefits of modern machinery and mass production, you can obtain a Venetian mirror for a cheaper price than in the past. Of course, you should consider the quality as well as the price when you make your decision.

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