Add a Gazebo for a Spectacular Landscape Add a Gazebo for a Spectacular Landscape

Just about every homeowner has at one time or another looked for that extra special touch - the feature that will make the landscape stand out from all the rest. There are of course many ways to accomplish this goal, from the installation of a pond to the creation of a relaxing Zen garden. One of the best ways to perk up a tired landscape, however, is to install a gazebo. A gazebo can serve many functions, from a mini oasis to the perfect venue for informal backyard get togethers. A gazebo can even serve as home to a luxurious hot tub or spa. Its uses are only limited by your imagination.

Gazebo Styles

The type of gazebo you choose is an important consideration. When choosing a gazebo, consider what purpose the gazebo will serve. For instance, if the gazebo is to serve as an outdoor living space, it probably should be an enclosed model. Enclosed gazebos come complete with windows and doors, just like a small home in the backyard. Such an enclosed gazebo makes a perfect outdoor room, and a great romantic getaway as well.

On the other hand, a large oval or rectangular gazebo can be the perfect venue for outdoor entertainment. These large gazebos come without railings or walls, and they make a great space for entertaining. These gazebos are perfect for backyard barbecues, outdoor meals, parties, holiday celebrations and other large gatherings.

Those who want a smaller gazebo may want to look at one of the many garden gazebos. These small gazebos provide a great focal point for a beautiful garden, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including round and square gazebos. Some come with built in benches, while others can accommodate ordinary patio or outdoor furniture.

Hire Help or Do It Yourself?

After you have decided what type of gazebo suits your style, the next step is to decide how you will get your gazebo. There are a number of choices, including purchasing the material in a kit, purchasing plans and building it yourself, and hiring a contractor. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to consider the options carefully.

Hiring a contractor is probably the simplest way to get that great gazebo, but also the most expensive. If you do hire a contractor, be sure to check references and ensure you are hiring a reputable, reliable and skillful carpenter.

If you are handy with a set of tools, you may want to consider buying the material and the plans for the gazebo and building it yourself. It's important to make sure you possess the skills, and the tools, necessary to create your own mini oasis. It is also important, of course, to follow common sense safety precautions when creating your masterpiece.

There is also the option of buying a gazebo kit. These kits provide everything you need to create a gazebo, and in most cases building the gazebo from a kit will be easier than building it from scratch using your own materials. When buying such a kit, however, be sure that it includes everything you need, and look carefully at the quality of the materials supplied.

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