Adding A Bonsai Tree To Your Miniature Zen Garden

Adding a bonsai tree to your miniature zen garden is really an essential step to completing the motif. It is the number one image associated with zen gardening after rock sculptures. While naturally occurring bonsai are rare, expensive and difficult to grow, there are plenty of nursery-grown varieties that are affordable and hassle-free. Growing bonsai is considered to be an art that requires patience, which is probably your intention for having a zen garden.

Selecting Your Bonsai

If selecting an already trained bonsai from a nursery there are a few things to look for. Try to get the bonsai with the most strong, low branches. Avoid any yellowing or browning leaves.

There are several types of bonsai to choose from. The juniper bonsai trees are considered the easiest for beginners. They grow more slowly but require less care. The pagoda varieties are also good for beginners but can only be grown in mild climates. The maple bonsai trees are the most difficult as they require constant watering. All varieties like to be in bright but indirect or filtered sunlight.