Adding a Brace to a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan brace provides a way to keep the fan stabilized after installation. Adding a brace is important in order to ensure proper operation of the ceiling fan. The process for installing or adding a brace to a ceiling fan does not require a lot of home improvement skills. A screwdriver and a ladder are the only tools required to make the necessary adjustment to the ceiling fan.

Step 1 - Turn-Off Power and Remove Existing Fan

Turn off the power to the area in which you are working. Doing will prevent accidental shocks which may occur during the addition of the brace. Remove the existing fan and place it to the side in order to access to the wiring.

Step 2 - Place the Brace in Position

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to place the brace where the electrical housing is located for the fan. Reattach the existing fan and make sure that the wiring is secure, using tape and wire caps to keep stray electricity from jumping out.

Push all of the wiring and housing together inside the brace and use a screwdriver to secure everything. You should turn the power on and test the switch to see if the fan wobbles or vibrates. With the brace in place, the fan should operate with little to no problem.