Adding a Deck Bar To Your Back Porch

One popular method of personalizing the back porch is to put in a deck bar. From elaborate custom wet bar designs to a simple counter-top and some decorative bar stools, there are hundreds of ways to enhance your back deck bringing the party to life. It doesn't matter whether you have a back porch deck, a garden gazebo, or just a well-manicured, paved garden, an outdoor bar is a remarkable way to make home gatherings more entertaining.

Simple Bars

If a simple counter-top deck bar isn't enough to suit your needs, another suggestion is a wheeled bar that can moved from place to place. Accessory options include ice bins, automatic ice dispensers, or draft nozzles for easily hooking up a keg of beer. These designs can be purchased as-is, custom designed for your deck, or constructed from plans available at most local hardware stores. Even a simple bar can use appealing designs, such as building a classic horseshoe bar that doubles as a cooking area for a quality flat grill set up.

Wet Bars

No deck sports bar is truly complete until it has been converted to a full wet bar. To make it a little easier to install, avoid conventional fixed plumbing and use restaurant grade tubing to connect from your home tap water supply. For weekend deck parties, a full deck bar means less traffic in and out of the main house, and those who want to enjoy the environment of a neighborhood bar can even take their places on authentic bar stools.

Bar Furnishings

And speaking of furniture for deck bars, Give some thought to the seating and table arrangements for your deck bar. If you decide to use bar stools, experts suggest using wood designs of metal ones to reduce required maintenance.  Other suggestions might be strategically placed deck tables, complete with patio umbrellas. Another great suggestion might be deck benches built from 2 x 4 inch pressure treated lumber and then adorned with plush cushions. Run speaker wires around the edge of the deck, and position multiple speakers. Using more speakers allows for better sound distribution at lower volume, and that means your guests can feel the music without keeping the whole neighborhood up all night.

Outdoor Lounges

A patio bar can be a simple set up, or it can be an elaborate outdoor lounge, complete with neon lights, stereo sound system, and even multi-colored deck lighting. The design could be a converted kitchen counter, or it could be complete set up, complete with top and bottom shelf liquor racks, built-in beverage coolers, draft dispensers, and all of the other trappings of a professional bar.

Deck and Patio Themes

A deck bar is one way to really bring out the theme of your patio. Nautical themes might feature canvas and brass decorations, and a western bar could be built from stained and varnished natural woods. Keep your desired theme in mind when furnishing the bar, and buy your bar-top, mirrors, lighting fixtures and other patio accessories to better define the mood and theme your are trying to convey.