Adding a Deflector to Floor Registers

What You'll Need
Air Deflector
Tape Measure
Shop Vac or Vacuum
Weather Stripping

In a home where there is a forced air heating system, floor registers can be found throughout the home. A floor register is usually set along the edges of the wall of a room so that it is out of the way of foot traffic. For the most part, these are "out of sight, out of mind" home items. However, there are times when a piece of furniture will be positioned over the top of a register. To continue to get maximum air flow from the floor register will want to make use of an air deflector.

An air deflector is a great attachment that can be added to any floor register that deflects the hot air into a room rather than onto the bottom of a piece of furniture. Many people use this inexpensive alternative to repositioning their register. If you find yourself not being able to place furniture in certain areas because of the floor registers, here are some steps to take to add an air deflector.

Step 1: Measure Floor Register

Most of the registers that are found in modern homes today are of a universal size. Variations can occurs in registers found in larger or older homes. The best thing to do is to take a few minutes to measure the size of the register to make sure that you purchase the right one. Once you have the measurements, go to the hardware center and find the right size, shape, and style of air deflector that will fit your decor and your needs.

Step 2: Remove Floor Registers

To install the air deflector onto the floor register you will need to remove it. This is easily done with a screwdriver. Simply loosen the screws and remove them. Set them aside as you will need them again in a few minutes. Lift out the register from its position on the floor.

Step 3: Clean Register

With the register removed from the floor, this is a great time to clean it. Use a rag and some water to remove any dust and dirt. Touch up with some paint if the need is there. Use a shop vac, or a regular house vacuum, and clean out the duct as far as the hose will go.

Step 4: Install Air Deflector

The air deflector will go on your register in one of two ways. First, it will simply be secured by the use of longer screws that hold down the deflector and the floor register. Second, it will be adhered to the registers with an adhesive strip. If you are using the strip, remove the backing and stick it to the registers. If using screws, install a thin piece of weather stripping to act as a seal between the two items.

Step 5: Reinstall Floor Register

Set the register back into position and reinstall the screws. If you are using longer ones, simply drive them in with the screwdriver. Hold onto the old screws as you might want to use them again in the future.