Adding a Dormer to Your Home: 6 Planning Tips

Adding a dormer enhances the value as well as the appeal of the exteriors of your home. It is a great way to increase space without really setting up an additional floor. However, installing such a structure needs planning that may cause a lot of bother. Here are a few tips that shall help you set a dormer at home without significant hassles.

Tip 1: Choosing the Type of Dormer

A dormer is generally added to the attic, but if you do not need space and are keen on merely beautifying your home, a false dormer that requires no major changes to the terrace slope can be built. In case you want a usable dormer, make sure to select what kind it must be. You could go in for an elaborate ornamental dormer or simply one that is neat and basic. You must also plan the exact place where it shall be built so that the light is not obstructed from coming in. Select the shape of the dormer roof too. It might range from a hipped shape to an eyebrow shaped variety. Keep in mind the slope of your roof while planning the dormer.

Tip 2: Permission Formalities

The most important part of building a dormer is to obtain the required permission from your town’s building code office before beginning work. This might involve some paperwork and it is better if you initiate the permission process sometime before actually starting work. Ignoring such norms could lead to heavy fines later on.

Tip 3: Roofing Checks

Hire a contractor to get your roof examined before adding a dormer. Check if there are any leaks or damages as this would lead to major defects if the dormer is built over them. If your roof is graveled or tiled, these need to be removed before building the dormer. Check for the roof drain outlet positions. It must be seen if the drainage systems need any major overhauling.

Tip 4: Obtaining a Blueprint

After deciding on the style, place and size of the dormer, you must contact a good draftsman to draw up a proper project plan. Alternatively, you could purchase a perfect dormer plan from certain construction websites.

Tip 5: Plan the Interiors

Decide how you want the dormer interior to be. If it has to be a den area, choose the lighting and furnishings accordingly. If you want it to be a storage place, then the design must not be of much importance except that the floorboards must be of strong material. You must also choose the window frame style to match up with your new dormer. You can purchase a ready-to-fit frame or could go in for a customized alternative. Be sure that the window is positioned to allow maximum light to filter in; the ventilation must be given proper attention too.

Tip 6: Plumbing and Insulation

Plan the insulation of the dormer walls well in advance. You could search the hardware stores for the perfect insulation walls or drywalls. They have a huge variety available and the store assistants could give you valuable advice. Most importantly, plan the plumbing arrangements for the dormer space. This is a tricky part and it is advised that all proper permits are secured and professional plumbing firms are approached to decide what is best for the dormer that you are adding. Once all the planning steps are executed, begin work on that beautiful dormer and use it in any manner you like.