Adding a Draft Blocker to a Dryer Vent

What You'll Need
Metal tape

Homeowners with clothes dryers equipped with a dryer vent often find their laundry room feeling chilly in colder months and too hot during warmer months. This is typically because a draft of outside air comes into the laundry room through the dryer vent. You can prevent this by installing a draft blocker in your dryer vent. Refer to the 3 steps below to install a draft blocker in your dryer vent.

Step 1 – Create Space Behind your Dryer

You'll need to fit yourself between the back of the dryer and the wall into which your vent is set. If your vent is too short to allow you to pull your dryer away from the wall, disconnect the vent from the dryer, then pull the dryer out enough for you to get behind it.

Step 2 – Remove One End of your Dryer Vent

If you haven't already removed the dryer vent from your dryer, loosen the clamp that holds the vent onto your dryer. If you have metal tape attaching the vent, remove the tape.

Step 3 – Insert the Draft Blocker

Into the end of your dryer vent, slide your drafter blocker into position so that flange in the blocker moves inward toward the dryer. Then reattach your vent, using a clamp or metal tape.