Adding a Garage: Calculating Cost

A garage.

When you decide to extend the functionality of your home by adding a garage, you'll want to begin by calculating the costs. Several factors can make big impacts on your budget.


Your first step is to contact the local authorities and inform them of your home addition plan. You will need a permit to proceed.

Get Quotes

You can get quotes from several contractors in your neighborhood. This will give you a good estimate of the garage cost. Most contractors in an area will charge similar rates, but you can look for good deals and bargains. In most places, a basic single-car garage can be added at around $10,000, and a similar double-car garage at around $18,000. Prices vary in different neighborhoods.


A major influence on the cost is the size of the garage. If you want the garage to be used as a storage area as well, you can build a larger garage. Consider the size of your vehicles, and any plans you may have of buying more vehicles. This will influence your decision on whether to build a single-car garage or a double-car garage.

Your Involvement

You can cut costs by doing some of the work yourself. You can employ a contractor to assist you with the parts you are unfamiliar with. Adding a garage also involves modifications to your yard and adding a driveway, so there are some areas where you can do the work yourself.

Attached or Detached

One decision to make right at the start is whether you want an attached garage or a detached one. An attached garage is convenient if you only plan to use the garage to park your vehicles when you are home. If you want the garage to be a large space where you can also include a recreational room, or a workshop, you can consider building a detached garage. An attached garage is cheaper because it involves less work, and includes a ready-made wall from your home. To build a detached garage, you have to start from scratch and build the entire structure. Also, you need a larger area available if you want a detached garage.


Many garages have an upper level or attic, where you can store old household items that you rarely use, but aren’t ready to dispose of yet. If you want this kind of structure, it might cost you a bit more.

Garage Door

You can select the garage door that best suits your budget and taste. There are several types of garage doors available, ranging from the functional to the fancy. A steel door will provide high-quality protection, and is easy on the budget. But it will not be as attractive as a sculpted wooden door, which will cost more. Adding windows to your garage door also adds to the cost.

Additional Accessories

The cost of the garage will also depend on the type of siding you choose, such as brick, wood, or vinyl. Other features such as heating and air-conditioning, cabinet installation, skylights, and stairs to the attic will all add to the cost.