Adding a Half Bathroom Makes a Whole Lot of Sense

A half bathroom on the main floor or in the basement is a home addition you cannot live without. Besides adding convenience, half bathrooms usually provide a great return on investment when the house is sold. You’ll be glad you made the addition of a half bath. Still, there are things you’ll want to consider before moving forward.

Where Is the Traffic?

A half bath is best located in the highest traffic areas of the house. For example, if everyone comes in the back door, then a half bathroom near the entrance is an ideal location. If your family uses the basement frequently, then adding a half bath there is a great idea.

Where Is the Plumbing?

While a half bathroom could technically be added anywhere in the house, it is easiest and most reasonable if it is located near existing plumbing. It is best if there is a sewer drain nearby. Often builders “stub in” or put the pipes for a bathroom into the basement, making the addition of a half bath easier in the future.

Does the Laundry Room Make Sense?

Sometimes people overlook the laundry room as a place for the half bathroom; however, laundry rooms are often centrally located and heavily used, and may be a great place to add a half bath. In addition, the plumbing is already there.