Adding a Kitchen Breakfast Bar to an Island

What You'll Need
3 corbels
1x12 lumber
Wood glue
A hammer
Finishing nails
3/4-inch plywood
Deck screws
Paint brush

Adding a kitchen breakfast bar to your kitchen island can provide you with a more efficient use of the space in the room. A breakfast bar can also be used a serving buffet. Add your breakfast bar yourself, using the right tools and materials. This project will take about a day to complete.

Step 1 – Preparing the Lumber

Place your lumber and corbels together. Corbels are a type of decorative bracket.  They will support the edge of your bar.  Your lumber should be a 1x12, 36-inches long. Mark the center of the length of your lumber. Use a measuring tape to determine the width of your corbels. Place another mark on either side of your center mark, allowing for the width of the corbel.

Step 2 – Preparing the Corbels

Position the back of 1 of your corbels on the marks on the 1x12 and trace it. Take the corbel off the lumber and drill 2 holes into the lumber. Drill 1hole that is 1-inch from the top of the corbel and another hole that is 1-inch from the bottom of the corbel. Continue the same process with the other 2 corbels.

Step 3 – Securing the Corbels to the Lumber

Use your wood glue and deck screws to secure the center corbel to the lumber. Secure the other 2 corbels at either end of the lumber. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess wood glue.

Step 4 – Preparing the Plywood

Lay your ¾ inch plywood on a flat, hard surface. The plywood should be 18-inches by 36-inches in size. Mark the plywood from one long edge of the board, every 4-inches. Continue marking to the other edge. Connect the marks with a straight line.  This piece will become the top of your bar.

Step 5 – Securing the Corbels to the Plywood

Position the corbel tops so they line up with the the edge of the plywood you are using for the top of the bar. Secure the pieces into position with nails.

Step 6 – Securing the Breakfast Bar to the Kitchen Island

You will want to have a friend or family member with you, to ensure that the bar is secured in a proper position. Open the cupboard doors to your kitchen island and work from the inside to hide the 1-1/4 inch deck screws. Use your drill to force the screws through the island into the breakfast bar. Use a level to be sure the bar is positioned properly. Cover the edges with your molding. Secure the molding with wood glue and finishing nails.

Step 7 – Finishing the Bar

Apply a coat of paint or stain to your breakfast bar. Be sure to choose a color that works well with your kitchen island and kitchen décor. Allow the finish to dry completely. If necessary, apply a second coat. Apply a sealer over the paint or stain, for more protection. Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the paint, stain and sealer before you use them. Be sure the room is well ventilated, and that the air is circulating properly before you begin.