Adding a Mudroom Closet to Your Mudroom

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Curtain or sheet
Tension rod
Storage boxes or bins

Thank goodness for a mudroom but maybe what you need is a mudroom closet. A mudroom catches all the clutter and mess before it spreads to the rest of your house. If you have an existing closet in your mudroom then you easily add shelves or storage bins to keep it organized. But what if you don’t have a closet?  Here is how to add one.

    Step 1 - Decide Where the Closet Will Go

    Some mudrooms have a recessed area, perhaps where the sink is located. Another option is to use the end of a room without a door.

    Step 2 -  Measure the Space

    Measure the width and height of the space. Make a note of any storage bins or hooks you will need.

    Step 3 – Go Shopping

    Buy a curtain or a sheet wide  enough for the width of the space multiplied by 3 or 3 to allow for for gathering. Also check the length. Get a tension rod long enough for the space. Most tension rods are adjustable. Pick up the storage items you need.

    Step 4 – Hang the Curtain

    If using a sheet, cut a small vertical at the end of the slit in the top fold the sheet. Thread the curtain (o) r sheet onto the rod.  Simply use a tension rod to hang the curtain or sheet across the opening.

    Step 5 – Organize the Space

    Outfit your closet with shelves for storing towels and supplies. Hooks on the walls are great for hanging up jackets, hats or scarves.  Add a plastic bin or basket for each member of our family. This way everyone has a place for their things and maybe you will hear less, “Mom where’s my backpack?” in the mornings. Additional storage bins can hold out of season winter gloves or summer flip flops.