Adding a Storage Cubby to a Mudroom Bench Adding a Storage Cubby to a Mudroom Bench

What You'll Need
Mudroom bench
Storage baskets

When you have made your mudroom, you may find that there are a lot of things that are left on the mudroom bench, making the place look very untidy. One solution to this is to add some storage space to the bottom of your mudroom bench. This is not very difficult to do, and you can complete this project in a few spare hours.

Step 1 - Make the Bottom

Turn your mudroom bench over, and pick a large piece of wood which is wide enough to cover the whole of the bench bottom. Cut off any excess wood, so that you have an  even bottom shelf around the edge of your bench. Nail it to the bench.

Step 2 - Add the Middles

Take one of your baskets, and place it on the new bottom of your bench. Push it up to one side, and nail a piece of wood onto the other side. Add the rest of the baskets until you have a series of wooden supports.

Step 3 - Add a Back

Turn your bench face down, and place a large piece of wood over the upwards aspect. This will be the back of your cubby space. Nail into position, and then paint over all of the wood you have added. Leave to dry.

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